A confidential memo that the World Bank promised its European partners that "Yonas [Biru] will not get a copy or see it" revealed an agreement between the World Bank and Europeans. In the memo, the author  acknowledged that the agreement violates World Bank rules. Nonetheless, they went ahead and implemented it to ensure that Dr. Biru will not be designated Global Manager.

Dr. Biru was denied Global Manager after the World Bank informed him that "Europeans are not used to seeing black man in a position of power."
The memo noted above provided evidence that the culprits were the European Union (EU), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a Washington based organization run by Europeans.
The memo that memorialized a telephone conversation between an Iranian World Bank official (Shaida Badiee) and an Australian official (Dennis Trewin - who was representing the views of the EU, OECD and IMF) exposed a confidential agreement that would be acceptable to the EU, OECD and IMF. The agreement was that Dr. Biru would be allowed to run the Global Program behind the scenes, but a Caucasian consultant Would serve as the face of the program, fronting as Global Manager.
The memo acknowledged that “It is not possible even on an informal basis to designate a consultant as global manager” because World Bank rules do not allow consultants to hold managerial title or perform managerial duties.
Regardless, the Europeans demanded to designate the consultant as Global Manager, knowing full well that he would not be able to perform any managerial duty. The World Bank ultimately agreed to implement the proposed arrangement to "avoid a very embarrassing situation" of engaging in conflict with Europeans. 
The World Bank noted for the record that Dr. Biru “took over the global program at its most critical time” without the Global Manager title. For the Europeans the fact that he was managing the global program behind the scenes was not of concern. Their concern was the optics of having a black man as the official Global Manager of a high-profile global program.”
Considering the Bank's documented statement that "Dr. Biru took over the global program at its most critical time," the World Bank Tribunal asked the Australian official to explain the basis that Dr. Biru was qualified to run the global program in the World Bank but was not seen fit to be designated Global Manager.
The Australian wrote back stating: "I do not have enough information to comment on this.” This was the very person who negotiated and enforced the working arrangement.
The same question was sent to the European Union. A high-level official (Pieter Everaers) responded stating that he did not care what Dr. Biru did in the World Bank, but he was opposed to his being officially designated Global Manager.
He wrote: '"I had and have no special opinion on the decision made for him to take on the position of internal coordinator [of the global program]." However, he had very strong opinion that he should not be officially named Global Manager.
The World Bank official who agreed to implement the wishes of Europeans, stated on the record: “I advocated for Yonas to take over the Global Manager position... It broke my heart” that he was not designated Global manager.
The Tribunal had all the evidence showing that Dr. Biru was running the program from behind the scenes and the Caucasian consultant was designated Global Manager without performing any managerial or supervisory roles. Nonetheless, it justified it by "business rationales."
For detailed expose of the confidential memo and the role of European organizations in the racial injustice read Rev. Jesse Jackson's letter to the heads of the EU, OECD, IMF and World Bank. See also Dr. E. Faye Williams' article titled "First Legally Sanctioned Racial Discrimination Case in the U.S. in the 21st Century."
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