First Legally Sanctioned Racial Discrimination Case in the U.S. in the 21st Century


By Dr. E. Faye Williams, President, National Congress for Black Women

"The World Bank, EU, OECD, and IMF are institutional partners of the Global Poverty Project. Would the Project’s Annual Global Citizen’s Festival in N.Y., tell Jay Z to sing his hit songs from behind the curtains because of his race and have a White performer lip-sync his hits on the Festival stage? This is what the World Bank did to Dr. Biru to spare Europeans the indignities of seeing a black man in a position of power. 


Noble artists of moral standing should raise their voices and refuse to share the Global Citizens Festival stage with officials of these organizations until they stop using their immunity to cling to the ghosts of colonialism and apartheid."

Racial Discrimination At the World Bank

Dr. Bea Edwars, Executive Director

Government Accountability Project (GAP)

Two attorneys familiar with the Bank’s hiring, promotion and retention practices who could not speak publicly, told GAP unequivocally that Dr. Biru’s was the worst case of racial discrimination they had ever seen. And early in the adjudication process, the committee charged with resolving the situation could find "no business reasons" to explain decisions made in the case by the Bank. The Committee recommended binding mediation, but the Bank refused, and Dr. Biru was never appointed.

Open Letter to President Obama


Rev. Jesse Jackson, Founder and President, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition


"Dr. Biru, an Ethiopian citizen, was a widely praised deputy global manager of an international program. His performance was evaluated consistently as "outstanding and superior." The problem started when he expressed interest in becoming the global manager of the program. The Bank rejected him alleging that "Europeans are not used to seeing a black man in a position of power."


The consolation that the Bank offered the Ethiopian was to be a de facto global manager without official recognition and accept the Bank's decision to front a white consultant as the program's global manager. Evidently, the white consultant was fronted as global manager not to offend Europeans by designating a black man as global manager. "

Apartheid Avenue Two Blocks from the White House


Jesse Jackson, President Founder, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. 

"In 2009, a former senior vice president explained that blacks were placed in the Africa regional section to give them opportunity to prove their competence and win the confidence of management before they were considered for assignments in other areas. 

The situation was so insulting that a segment of 18th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and G Street has been unofficially christened “Apartheid Avenue.” To the left of the Street stands the Bank’s “J” building where blacks are largely segregated. To its right sits the bank’s flagship building where black professionals face glass doors."

World Bank Tribunal rules a Black man has no rights to his identity

Frank Watkins, Public Policy Director, Rainbow/Push Coalition

The last time a Black man was stripped of his inalienable rights to his identity in the US was during the institution of slavery. In 2015, the World Bank Administrative Tribunal took its jurisprudence back to the dark ages, ruling that a Black complainant of Ethiopian origin, who accused the World Bank of violating his rights to his identity - professional and personal - has no basis for legal protection from defamation.

During the same session, the Tribunal ruled that an Argentinean citizen has inviolable rights to his identity, and found the Bank liable for failing to honor and protect his rights against defamation. The judgment emphasized that the Tribunal takes defamation claims very seriously, especially when "the Bank’s actions and inactions caused professional and personal harm to its staff or former staff." No explanation was given why the same judicial principles did not apply to the Ethiopian.

Howard University Provides Forum For President of Racist World Bank

By Dr. E. Faye Williams, President, National Congress for Black Women

"The President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim, is expected to speak at Howard University on October 1. The powerful international bank is one of the most racist institutions in the US, hiding behind the veil of its immunity from US laws. Victims of discrimination are confined to an internal Tribunal that rejects every complaint filed by Black complainants.

President Kim’s decision to reject repeated meeting requests by the Civil Rights Coalition (that has been established to end institutionalized racism in the World Bank) but reach out instead to Howard University for a forum reflects a desire to set the agenda on his own terms. It may even be a sinister attempt to divide the Black community and preempt the Coalition’s campaign for racial justice."

Is liberalism the key to fighting global poverty? Or does it cause it?


By Shermichael Singleton, CNN Commentator and a Republican political strategist 

"The World Bank is the longest-running liberal institution that has managed to free itself from competing conservative ideas and ideals. This institution is the closest thing for a social petri dish to help answer the following: What will happen if one provides a liberal establishment with trillions of dollars, grant it immunity from legal accountability, and leave it alone for three-quarters of a century to do good in the world? Tragedy and institutionalized racism at the expense of the American taxpayer."

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