The Program that Dr. Biru served as Deputy Global Manager for 6 years and led without the Global Manager title for nearly two years had a Global Board, consisting of 18 high-level international officials.


The World Bank claimed it was the Global Board that did not want Dr. Biru to become Global Manager. Dr. Biru refuted this by presenting ample material evidence. The World Bank Tribunal wanted to talk to the Board and gave the World Bank two weeks to produce the names and contact details of the Board. The World Bank requested for an extension to produce the list. The Tribunal granted it.

Four weeks later, the World Bank submitted a list of names and contact details that it produced with “special effort.” Conspicuously, it requested the Tribunal to keep the list confidential and not share it with Dr. Biru. The “special effort” involved preparing a fraudulent list rather than downloading a readily available Board list from the Bank's website. 

The Bank’s fraudulent list included 10 individuals who were not Board members and excluded six legitimate Board members who were vocal in their support to Dr. Biru. Russia had one representative on the Board. The Fake list included three, including two personal friends of one of the managers accused by Dr. Biru of discriminating against him. This was why the Bank asked the Tribunal not to share the list with Dr. Biru. 

The government of Canada, the Asian Development Bank and the Regional UN agency for the Middle East wrote statements independently stating the people who were listed as representatives of their organizations had no authority to represent them. In addition, one of the people whose name was added to the list wrote stating he was never a Board member and he was not aware that the Bank was using his name without his knowledge or permission.

As the compelling evidence supporting Dr. Biru’s racial discrimination claim piled up, the World Bank used an African to pose as a board member and testify against Dr. Biru. The African was promised the Global Manager position, if he testified (1) Dr. Biru was not qualified to become Global Manager, and (2) the African Development Bank will not work with him if he became Global Manager.

The African who was not a Board member, was invited to attend a closed session Board meeting that was supposed to be attended by Principal Board members only. During the Board meeting, he defamed Dr. Biru and stated that the African Development Bank will not work with him if he was appointed as Global Manager.

After using the African's objection to disqualify Dr. Biru, the World Bank awarded him the Global Manager Position.

During the World Bank Tribunal hearing, the World Bank argued discrimination did not exist because “the current global manager is from Africa.” 

The fact that (1) The African was not a Board member, (2) he attended and participated in a Principals only Board meeting, (3) he rejected Dr. Biru’s qualification for the Global Manager position, (4) he was on the Bank's black list, and (5) he was awarded the Global Manager position after he disqualified Dr. Biru are amply documented with hard evidence.

The Tribunal not only used the fake Board list, but also used the African's statements as official statement of the Board. In the meantime, it completely ignored all the people who exposed the fake Board list as illegitimate. 

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