Many conservative Trump supporters have condemned the injustice Dr. Biru suffered and many of them have appealed  to President Trump to intervene. Dr. Biru's case has gotten more attention in conservative circles than in liberal ones. It was covered in leading conservative newspapers, including The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner, The Hill, Town Hall, and Breitbart News.

To counter the call for justice, former World Bank President Jim Yong Kim engineered a two-pronged campaign. On one front, he launched a fabricated negative campaign against Dr. Biru. On another front, he pushed out six white VPs to  hire black VPs.  The World Bank Spokesperson heralded the PR ploy as a successful affirmative action to American media outlets stating: "Nine of 31 VPs are from Sub-Saharan Africa or are African American. Two years ago, there were only 3.”

Africa and African Americans account for less than 14% of the world population and 29% of the Bank's VPs. The 29% figure cannot be explained by diversity or proportional regional or racial representation. Asia and Latin America with a combined population of more than 4 times the population of Africans and African Americans, account for less than 20% of the Bank's VPs. Kim's VP affirmative action was a criminal cover-up to deny Dr. Biru justice that ended up victimizing white VPs.

As Dr. Steve Parson, a Member of the Advisory Board for National Minority Coalition for Trump rightly said, "Dr. Biru’s pursuit of justice is now in the hands of the Trump Administration. Justice and humanity demand swift action." 

The following are selected leaders out of 32 Founders and Presidents of conservative organizations who wrote a letter of appeal to President Trump to stop funding the World Bank until it (1) agrees to fully redress the injustice it inflicted on Dr. Biru, and (2) stops using US funds for abortion. The group was organized by Don Blake and Terry Beatley.

Dr. Day Gardner
Advisory Board, National
Minority Coalition for Trump
National Black Pro-Life Union

Rodney Howard-Browne
Revival Ministries International
River Bible Institute

Pastor Mark Burns
The NOW Television Network
The Harvest Praise & Worship Center

Bishop Leon Benjamin
Founder and Senior Pastor
New Life Harvest Church

Minority Outreach Council
For President Donald Trump

Dr. Lance Wallnau

Founder: As One America!
Evangelical Mobilization to Support
President Donald J. Trump

Dr. Steve Parson

Advisory Board 

Minority Coalition For Trump

Reverend Dean Nelson
Founding Chair
Frederick Douglas Foundation
Member, Frederick Douglass
Bicentennial Commission

Joshua E. Macias
Vets for Trump
Veterans for Trump

North-East Coalition

Dr. Johnny Hunter
National Director
Life Education and Resource
Network, (L.E.A.R.N.) Inc.

Craig Johnson


First Amendment Inc


Conservative Talk Radio Program

Tomi Collins
Executive Director
America Restored
National Chairwoman, Regulation
Freedom Amendment Campaign

Walter and Lori Hoye
Founder and President
Issues4Life Foundation

The following are selected conservative leaders who have written in different newspapers and forums to call for justice on behalf of Dr. Biru

Dr. Ben Carson


Housing and

Urban Development 

World Bank, President Jim Yong Kim continues to show lack of humanity. 

I am appalled by the @WorldBank. We need to hold them accountable.

Terry Beatley

President, Hosea Initiative

Author: "What If We Have Been Wrong"

"The explanation for retroactively degrading Dr. Biru's performance record was more dehumanizing than the act itself.


The Bank’s inexplicable stance that Dr. Biru’s record is “beyond the natural capability of a Black man” is an insult to the human race and represents an affront to [more than] one billion sub-Saharan Africans both in continental Africa and around the globe."

The Hon. Ken Cuccinelli 

Former Attorney General, Va

President of the Senate Conservatives Fund

"This is a case of a deliberate and systemic destruction of a human being, emotionally, financially and professionally. Dr. Biru deserves full redress without delay. [Read More]

Should the WB fail to do the right thing, the Trump administration should act, starting by revoking the visas of the perpetrators of this crime and those who covered up the crime and defunding the Bank" [Read More]

Armstrong WIlliams

 Host  nationally syndicated TV

The Armstrong Williams Show.

"Currently, the bank’s VP of human resources and its general counsel (a senior VP) maintain contradictory positions on Biru’s official record. The bank’s HR executive affirms Biru’s stellar management record as official and valid. In contrast, The general counsel insists that Biru’s record is “hagiographic” – too good to be true – and the World Bank will not use the actual record of his performance to correct the retrospectively degraded record on its website. To date, the president of the bank has sided with the general counsel."

Donald N. Blake


Virginia Christian Alliance

During the 2016 election, thousands of Trump supporters shared Dr. Biru's story on their Facebook pages. One, by the name of Samantha Leigh, wrote “My stomach hurts reading this.” Arlene Strickland Bass commented: “Pray Trump can turn around with Gods help this man life!” 

It is with unbounded confidence that I say the moment President Trump learns about this case, Dr. Biru will get the justice that he has been denied during the Obama presidency.

Mr. Gregory Simpkins

Trump Appointee

Senior Advisor

US Department of State

In a blog titled "Walking Apartheid Avenue" Mr. Simpkins wrote: "Immunity should not be confused with impunity. We may not be able to sue them in court for such blatant discrimination, but we are not without recourse. No agency that depends on donor funding should take that funding for granted. Racism should never be rewarded, and World Bank officials should keep that in mind."


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