By Don Blake

The World Bank inflated the global poverty headcount by 629 million, bringing the total to 1.2 billion, and used the statistically fabricated figure as a rallying cry for more funding from American taxpayers. The scam swindled American taxpayers of $16 billion over a span of 8 years.


The World Bank fraud started with grossly underestimating China’s and India’s GDP figures. As established by Princeton professor Angus Deaton (Nobel Laureate) and professor Alan Heston of the University of Pennsylvania, the World Bank shrank China’s and India’s GDP by 40 and 36 percent, respectively. The huge drops in China’s and India’s GDP estimates led hundreds of millions of people to be classified as extremely poor.


The next step was an aggressive campaign for increased international aid, with high-profile reports proclaiming “the Developing World is Poorer Than we Thought, But No Less Successful in Fighting Against Poverty.” As of December 2018, American taxpayers owe China $1.12 trillion in debt and we owe India over $145 billion. These are countries that the World Bank fraudulently made paupers in need of billions of dollars in low interest rate loans subsidized by American taxpayers. 

By Brian Collins

Dr. Biru has been denied justice after the Bank officially accused him of (1) “seeking the support of United States government officials” and conservative news media that the Bank referred to as “some elements of the media”; and (2) “smearing the reputation of senior Bank officials, including the President.”


Though Dr. Biru sought support from both conservative and progressive media and government officials, the Bank’s reactions toward conservative and progressive parties were starkly different. President Kim went out of his way to travel to New York to meet with Reverend Jesse Jackson, after the Reverend published several articles on Dr. Biru’s case. President Kim’s Chief of Staff, Ms. Yvonne Tsikata, a Ghanaian national, promised the Rainbow/Push Coalition that the World Bank will work with the Reverend if he dropped Dr. Biru’s case.


President Kim also made several calls to members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to urge them to stop supporting Dr. Biru’s case. In exchange, he promised them an aggressive affirmative action that increased the number of African Vice Presidents from 3 to 9 in just two years. Sadly, 24 members of the CBC who had already signed a petition, seeking justice for Dr. Biru, withdrew their signatures.

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