The evidence is overwhelming that the runaway affirmative action that was launched to cover-up the racial injustice has ended up discriminating against white executives and employees. If the US government wants to file a complaint, its first contact is the Bank's Vice President (VP) and Corporate Secretary, who happens to be an African. The two other senior officials that she will bring with her are the Senior VP and General Counsel ad the HR VP (both are Africans).
They were put in there position to deny that there is no discrimination against blacks. Now they have to respond their is no discrimination against white people. 
World Bank spokesman, David Theis, told Breitbart News that Dr. Biru's allegations are groundless. As evidence he asserted that “9 of 31 World Bank VPs are from Sub-Saharan Africa or are African American. Two years ago, there were only 3.”
The Bank's figures indicate, the representation of African VPs frog-jumped from 9.7% to 29%. in just two years. This is a three-fold increase. 
A closer look at the timing of the appointment of each African VP shows the affirmative action was driven by a PR counter-campaign to defuse the global outrage over Dr. Biru's racial discrimination case. Every time the uproar rises or a string of articles appear in Africa, President Kim countered by appointing an African VP.      
The Appointment of an African Chief of Staff of the President
In the summer of 2013, Dr. Biru gained the support of Senator Barbara Mikulski and the Congressional Black Caucus. In September 2013, President Kim promised his Italian Chief of Staff a VP position and replaced her by a Ghanaian (Dr. Yvonne Tsikata). Soon after, he abruptly terminated the Italian national before she assumed the promised VP position.
Dr. Tsikata became the person pushing back against external demand for racial justice. She wrote to the DC Civil Rights Coalition stating "The Picture presented by some former staffers is not the vibrantly diverse World Bank Group where I proudly work."
She became President Kim’s tool to deny Dr. Biru justice. She called Reverend Jesse Jackson's office to urge them to drop Dr. Biru's case from the Civil Rights Coalitions agenda. The record from Reverend Jackson's office shows that she promised the Reverend that President Kim will work with him if he agreed to drop Dr. Biru's case.
The appointment of an African VP of the World Bank Treasury
In May 2015, Reverend Jesse Jackson published an Open Letter to the Pope to bring Dr. Biru’s case to the attention of the Pope and the international public. The open letter was widely published around the world. It triggered uproar in various African countries. In July 2015, President Kim appointed a Nigerian citizen as VP of the World Bank Treasury. The African replaced a Caucasian American woman.
The appointment of an African (Dr. Tsikata) as VP and Corporate Secretary
In July 2015, Reverend Jesse Jackson wrote an Open Letter to President Obama, seeking justice for Dr. Biru. The letter triggered many follow up articles through the end of December 2015, including in Tanzania Today, Pambazuka News, and Eur-Asia Review (September 2015); Pan African Vision, Ethiopian Explorer, Globeistan, Pambazuka News, Ugandan News, and AllAfrican News (October 2015), Afro American News, The Washington Informer, AllAfrican News, and Pambazuka News (November 2015), New York Black Star News and Afro American News (December 2015).
The growing outrage sparked uproar among World Bank African Board of Governors. In January 2016, President Kim promoted Dr. Tsikata to VP and Corporate Secretary. In her capacity as the Bank’s Corporate Secretary, Dr. Tsikata became the person dealing with the Bank’s Board of Directors and Board of Governors. 
The appointment of two Africans as VP for East Asia and as Regional Chief Economist
In February 2016, a damning article brought to light that “In the Bank's seven-decade history, no black person has ever led any of the 19 World Bank vice presidential units that provide intellectual leadership and direction to the Bank’s overall development strategy, except for the African regional vice presidential unit where Black managers are ghettoized.” The article also mentioned that not a single black person has served as a regional chief economist.
Within six weeks, President Kim appointed an African VP for East Asia region, making her the first black regional VP outside of the Africa region. A month later he appointed another African as a regional chief economist, making him the first regional chief economist in the Bank’s 70-year history.
In June 2016, the Bank’s Spokesperson informed Breitbart News that one of the six regional chief economists is an African.
The appointment of an African Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Between July and October 2016, several conservative newspapers published op-ed and opinion pieces about Dr. Biru’s case. On October 24, 2016, Dr. Ben Carson added his voice to the chorus of public outrage, stating Dr. Biru’s case shows “Hillary Clinton's ally and World Bank, President Jim Yong Kim continue to show their lack of humanity.” Dr. Carson's condemnation went viral with thousands of people sharing it on their Facebook page and Twitter handles.
In December 2016, Senator Chris Van Hollen sent a 73-page report to the US Treasury providing irrefutable material evidence, showing the injustice Dr. Biru endured.
In February 2017, President Kim replaced his French Senior Vice President and General Counsel by a Nigerian National.
The Appointment of an African HR Vice President
On August 30, 2017, Armstrong Williams, a syndicated columnist and President Trump’s surrogate published an opinion piece in The Hill, condemning President Kim for the racial injustice he inflicted on Dr. Biru.
On October 27, 2017 Pastor Steve Parson, a member of Advisory Board of National Coalition for Trump, published an Open Letter to President Trump pleading “Justice and humanity demand swift action” to redress the injustice Dr. Biru suffered.
On November 7, 2017, Dr. E. Faye Williams published a damaging article titled “First Legally Sanctioned Racial Discrimination Case in the U.S. in the 21st Century.” On December 20, 2017, Reverend Jesse Jackson wrote a letter to the heads of UN, IMF, the European Union and the World Bank. The letter exposed a confidential memo that was marked Dr. Biru “will not get a copy or see it.” It provided material evidence supporting Dr. Biru’s allegation that he was denied promotion because “Europeans are not used to seeing a black man in a position of power.”
In January 2018, President Kim pushed out his Irish HR vice president and appointed an African in his place.


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