International officials rejected the Bank's false claims about Dr. Biru during his discrimination hearings. The following are samples of the defamatory items on the Bank's website:

1. "He had no management responsibility in the Bank’s global management...To be sure, he has been asked to help during spikes in work  assignments as a team member  

​2. “He doesn’t have the judgment and relationship management skills…  He lacks credibility with the international community... "

3. Some regions do not want to work with him. They do not think he listens or tries to understand their perspective.”​​

4. “He was not regarded as a team player nor able to work cooperative.

The following written statements are selected from 24  statements made by high-level international officials, including CEOs. The Tribunal ignored all Dr. Biru's witnesses. Not one was quoted in the Tribunal's judgment. By contrast, all the Bank's witnesses were quoted, including hearsay third party statements whose identities were not disclosed. 

Dr. Ifzal Ali

Chief Economist

Asian Development Bank

"Dr. Biru’s professionalism, expertise and diplomacy have been pivotal in influencing [Asia’s Regional Advisory Board] decisions... I would also like to place on record the contributions and assistance provided by Yonas Biru in adopting innovative approaches. He has provided yeoman service as we have grappled with various issues pertaining to the Poverty PPPs."

Mr. Abdurahman Al Mansuri

Director General


“Without any reservation I can say Yonas is a well-rounded professional. . . . His professional and diplomatic skills, and action-oriented and results-focused approach to management have served him well to earn the respect and friendship of all those who are involved in the program.” 

Dr. George Alibaruho

Principal Advisor


 “I am personally proud .to have had a chance to work with Mr. Biru. He brought enthusiasm, energy and profound experience to all the meetings he attended and chaired. His strategic thinking, organizational skills and consensus- and partnership- building abilities were invaluable assets in the success of our endeavors at ECA.”

Mr. Mohamed Al Badrawy

Regional Coordinator


“I was dismayed and saddened to see that Mr. Biru was not recognized as Deputy Global Manager and Team Leader in the World Bank’s Global Report when he is given appropriate recognition for his leadership role by other international agencies.” 

Mr. Derek Blades

Director, OECD


“Yonas’ co-operation with OECD was exemplary and we would be very pleased to collaborate with him on future joint OECD-World Bank projects…”

Note: In Europe the people who worked with Dr, Biru were supportive of him. It was the high-level officials and European members of the Global Board who refused to accept him as Global Manager.

Dr. Hubert Escaith



“My interaction with Mr. Biru dealt with managerial more than technical aspects of the program. These management issues were particularly complex, because the Latin American project faced tremendous difficulties in mobilizing resources to finance the planned activities. Mr. Biru was definitely instrumental in securing funds.”

Dr. Bishnu Pant


Asian Development Bank

 “Yonas has worked well not only with ADB colleagues and senior management, but also with national coordinators and the Regional Advisory Board. He is regarded for his ability in finding practical solutions to complex problems as well as for his consensus building skills.”

“I had the opportunity to know and work with Dr. Biru in different capacities. One thing that strikes me the most is his resourcefulness in whatever he is involved in. I can attest that he is widely respected and highly
regarded in Asia both by National  Coordinators and by the Managers of ADB

Ms. Mervat Tallawy

Under Secretary General


“Mr. Biru has worked diligently with my senior management and has earned their respect for his commitment, resourcefulness and professionalism. Mr. Biru has remarkable skills in building and nurturing partnerships. As a result, the ICP has laid a strong foundation for a strategic partnership between ESCWA and the World Bank.”

Dr. Enrique Ordaz

Director General


 “Promoting ICP in Latin America represented a difficult undertaking. Yonas . . . made a persuasive case and ultimately succeeded. In all, Yonas Biru showed he had the technical knowledge and the managerial skills to work in close relationship with regional and national partners.”

Mr. Huang Langhul

Director General


“During the last 4 years, I had got many chances working with Mr. Biru on ICP issues. . . . Mr. Biru has extensive knowledge of the ICP methodology and strong communication skills, works effectively with ICP coordinators at Regional and National levels as well as with Regional and Global Executive Board.”

Dr. Vascar Saha

National Coordinator


"My direct interaction with Dr. Biru involved the Asia Pacific regional program. I take pride in what we have achieved in the Asia and Pacific region and will always cherish the professional collaboration and partnership we have built with the World Bank colleagues. This was in no small part due to Dr. Biru’s leadership untiring hard work and commitment.

Dr. Ismael Yusof

Chief Statistician


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