In May and August 2019 The World Bank Agreed to Resolve Dr. Biru's Case But his Case is Still Unresolved

Dr. Biru had three cases before the World Bank Tribunal (1) his racial discrimination case, (2) his wrongful termination claim, and (3) his defamation and disenfranchisement of his record. The World Bank Tribunal has reviewed and ruled on the first two.

Dr. Biru is not asking the World Bank to reopen his discrimination and termination claims. This has been documented by several independent sources, including in Senator Chris Van Hollen's 73-page report.

His outstanding cases are his defamation and disenfranchisement claims. In 2014 and 2015 he filed appeals with the Tribunal stating the World Bank has no legal right to maintain false record on its website after it restored his true record internally. The Tribunal reopened the case and asked the World Bank to explain why it has two opposing records on Dr. Biru. The World Bank filed two motions to dismiss the appeals, claiming the Tribunal has no jurisdiction to review the merits of the disenfranchisement and defamation claims. At the time the World Bank had the 2015 diversity report the found Dr. Biru's case a "blatant and virulent" case of racism and an appeal from the Bank's Senior Advisor on racial equality. They ignored both and denied any wrong doing and filed a motion to dismiss.

The Tribunal refused to review the his disenfranchisement and defamation, citing lack of jurisdiction. This did not stop the world Bank to lie to the US government that the Tribunal had reviewed all five cases and closed them. It is with such lies the World Bank destroys black people.


The Disenfranchisement Claim: The World Bank deleted Dr. Biru’s title and leadership roles from its websites and publications and gave the credit to white managers, deeming his accomplishments “too good to be true for a black man.”


The Defamation Claim:  The World Bank not only retroactively degraded Dr. Yonas’ professional performance deeming is “too good to be true for a black man” but also replaced his record with damaging defamatory remarks and posted the false claims on its website.


In 2015, the World Bank restored Dr. Yonas’ record in his HR file, but refused to correct the public record claiming it will not publicly give him credit and his accomplishments have been credited to white managers.


In May 2019 and August 2019, President Malpass’ Spokesperson wrote to Dr. Biru's advocates, promising the following two points to ensure that Dr. Biru’s “professional record [will] be restored.” More specifically:

  1. The World Bank will “correct false or misleading information about Mr. Biru’s performance record on the World Bank’s website” as soon as Dr. Yonas shares “links with us where there is false or misleading information on the Bank’s website.”

  2. As soon as Dr. Biru provides the World Bank the necessary links on the World Bank website, “The World Bank will be better able to consider how to address” Dr. Biru’s allegation that “numerous studies or reports that he authored were previously on the Bank’s website but have been removed.” Dr. Biru’s allegation was that his name, leadership roles and titles were removed from World Bank publications and websites and the credit was given to white managers.

Dr. Biru provided all the requested evidence.


In August 2019,  the US Board of Director to the World Bank (Mr. Erik Bethel) wrote to Dr. Biru's advocates, stating: “I have gotten up to speed with the issue. And I also know that President Malpass is well informed. I’m sure this will be resolved adequately.”


In October 2019, Mr. Bethel wrote to Dr. Yonas to inform him that the US Board of Directors office is pursing the matter with the US Department of Treasury.


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