World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has used different strategy to cover-up the
racial injustice during the Obama and Trump administrations.
During the Obama Administration, Kim Used his Relationship with Obama and the Clintons to Deny Dr. Biru the Security of Justice by Blocking the Implementation of an Existing Law and by Silencing the Liberal Media.
Kim is a close friend and regular golf partner of President Obama. According to Breitbart News Kim is also “a co-founder of a health group that enjoys a working relationship with the Clinton Foundation.” The Daily Caller reported a Baltimore company that President Clinton served as an “honorary chancellor” and got paid $16.5 million over five years received $150 million in investment from the International Finance Corporation, a part of the World Bank.
As Breitbart News reported, the case “prompted Congress to pass a law stating that the World Bank must introduce external arbitration of disputes to continue to get federal funding.”
In response, Kim sought and successfully secured the help of the Obama administration, Clinton Campaign Surrogates, and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to block the enforcement of the law and silence the mainstream liberal media.
Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ office that had taken the initiative to contact Dr. Biru and asked what the Congresswoman “might do to help” turned against him and told him not to contact her office again. Twenty-four CBC members that had signed a petition calling for justice for Biru withdrew their signatures in unison and circled their wagon around Kim.
Obama’s Treasury Department that had officially supported Biru’s request for external arbitration reversed course and called Reverend Jackson’s office to ask him to stop supporting his request for external arbitration.
Voice of America, a US government-funded and run broadcasting entity canceled his pre-taped interview hours before it was scheduled to air. The injustice has been covered in conservative newspapers, including The Hill, Breitbart News, Independent Journal Review and The TownHall, among others. By contrast, the liberal media has been missing in action.

During the Trump Administration, the Kim Administration Engaged In a Campaign of Misinformation

Dr. Ben Carson, condemned the injustice Dr. Biru suffered stating:
"“Hillary Clinton's allies and President Kim continue to show their lack of humanity... we need to hold them accountable.”
Mr. William Armstrong, a syndicated conservative columnist, condemned members of the Congressional Black Caucus for betraying Dr. Biru stating:
I have been closely following Dr. Biru's an ongoing racial discrimination case since I first covered it on my radio show on June 29, 2016. I was shocked by the role the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s African-American associates played in denying the victim the security of justice. 
The moral righteousness, political impartiality, and courage to speak truth to power that was the defining elements of the Civil Rights Movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s era have all but dissipated. Today’s civil rights leaders routinely sacrifice the interests of black people on the altar of the Democratic Party's demigods. 
Dr. Steve Parson, Advisory Board of National Coalition for Trump exposed Kim's misinformation campaign in a letter to the Honorable Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the US Treasury stating:
On October 27, 2017, I published an open letter to President Trump to bring Dr. Yonas Biru’s case to the attention of the Trump administration. Within a week (November 3, 2017), the World Bank prepared what it labeled as a “Factsheet” with a deliberate purpose to misinform the Trump administration.
Dr. Parson described Kim's misinformation campaign as "utterly despicable and beneath the dignity of any credible institution, much less one that claims the to lead the lofty crusade against global poverty."
Dr. Parson provided 4 examples. Here are the first two of the four.
The “Factsheet” claims Dr. Biru’s racial discrimination is baseless because the person who was selected for the position was from Africa. It stated: “The World Bank [Administrative] Tribunal did not find in [Dr. Biru’s] favor. “The Tribunal notes that the person selected for the position that Mr. Biru wished to be hired for was also from Africa.” (original emphasis)

The World Bank is aware that the African in reference was bribed to pose as a member of the global program’s Executive Board and reject Dr. Biru’s application. With the help of the World Bank the African was invited to attend “a closed session for Principal Board members only” meeting and voted against Dr. Biru, falsely posing as a Board member representing the African Development Bank. Having disqualified Dr. Biru. He applied for the Global Manager position and got it.

This is the same African that when he worked for the African Development Bank the World Bank sent a delegation to have him removed from leading the African leg of the global program because he was not able to do the job.
The World Bank is also on the record accusing the African of spending thousands of dollars on business trips and not showing up for work. In one case, the World Bank documented for the record that the African, who traveled from Africa to attend a two-week meeting in NY and Washington showed up only for a total of a day and a half.

He used his business trip for vacation in the US flying business class and staying in five star hotels. This is a program partly funded by American tax payers. One of the World Bank senior officials wrote for the record: “this shows again he is a loose cannon and I do not think he has to be part of the program.”
The African was also accused of “wholesale plagiarism” by an American professor. A paper that he published in The African Statistical Journal was “18 pages long; of which 16 pages were pirated (word for word) from a published material.” The only two pages he added were abstracts in English and French and the title page where he put his name as the author.
The World Bank had documented evidence for all the above noted transgressions before it appointed him as Global Manager to preempt Dr. Biru’s racial discrimination complaint.
The second misleading statements are about the Bank’s internal justice system
“The Administrative Tribunal which heard and rejected Dr. Biru's allegation of racial discrimination is itself diverse. A former Justice of Appeal on the Supreme Court of Uganda served on the Panel reviewing Mr. Biru’s first two cases.” 

The World Bank is in possession of a letter that the Ugandan judge wrote to Dr. Biru, stating: "I pleaded your case, but was outnumbered… I know what litigating against an employer does to the employee who sees his rights trumpled (sic) without remedy.” But, he “did not find it fit to dissent” because he “was not ready to take such a momentous step” of going against the Tribunal’s judgment.


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