Dr. Yonas Biru was the Deputy Global Manager of what the World Bank calls “the largest and most complex economic comparison program in the world.” He was officially praised for "managing one of the most critical programs the Bank has ever managed” and credited for “Managing methodological innovations in critical areas that have created a lasting-legacy.”

THE RACIAL CASE: When he applied to become Global Manager, the World Bank told him "Europeans are not used to seeing a black man in a position of power." In a confidential memo that was agreed "Yonas will not get a copy or see it" the World Bank engineered what it called a "win-win" compromise. ​The "win" for Dr. Biru was that he was charged to run the global program behind the scenes. The "win" for Europeans was a white consultant was named as the Global Manager without his undertaking any managerial function. The Confidential memo acknowledged that "it is not possible even on an informal basis to designate a consultant as global manager". However, what was not possible even more was having a black man as a Global Manager. The decision was to front a white consultant as the Global Manager and keep the "win-win" arrangement confidential.  HR wrote to Dr. Biru that he could not reveal this arrangement to anyone outside of the Bank. The arrangement was that Dr. Biru chaired all meetings in the World Bank, but once outside the World Bank the White Consultant became the face of the project. 

Racial discrimination in the World Bank has been confirmed  in 17 World Bank reports. Blacks are "rated inferior" and considered "ghetto." Some nations "do not want to work with them." That blacks are denied due process is documented in over a dozen World Bank, Staff Association and US government reports a report by the Government Accountability Project.


WORLD BANK'S RETALIATION: When Dr. Biru filed a complaint with the Tribunal, the World Bank terminated him, retroactively degraded his record and posted defamatory remarks of him on its website to discredit him. After four years of pressure from the US, the World Bank restored his record internally, but refused to restore his record on its website and publications, deeming it too good to be true for a black man.  For a summary of his care read the Washington Times. For details of his racial discrimination case see US Senator Chris Van Hollen''s 73-page report.

"We need to make sure whistleblowers are protected especially when they are advancing our American interests." (2018)

Congressman Dave Brat

Founding Member


Freedom Caucus

"Appalled by the World Bank. We need to hold them accountable. The case shows President Jim Yong Kim's lack of humanity." (2016)

Dr. Ben Carson


US Housing and Urban Development

Senator Barbara Mikulski


 "This is a very serious issue. I hope the Department of Justice will take every appropriate action ASAP..."

See Here and Here


Black Caucus

"We have been given assurances that the joint study between the minority staff and the world bank will provide an accurate and up to date assessment of what needs to be done..." 

Note: The Study found Dr Biru's case as "a blatant and virulent case of racism." The Bank embargoed it and filed a motion with the World Bank Tribunal to dismiss his complaints as baseless.

E. Faye Williams


National Congress for

Black Women

"The World Bank stripped Dr. Biru of his stellar management performance record, claiming that it is “hagiographic” and defended its decision to credit white World Bank and IMF managers for his work. 

World Bank

Staff Association

"Dr. Biru's case shows several aspects of the World Bank Internal Justice System are Broken..."

World Bank

Staff Association

Donald N. Blake

Virginia Christian Alliance

"We pray that President Trump will use his pen to stop funding to the World Bank until it agrees to fully redress the injustice it inflicted on Dr. Biru."

"It is hard to imagine such flagrant injustice could occur in our nation’s capital half a century after the hard fought and won gains by the Civil Rights movement... The systemic and egregious nature of the Tribunal’s transgressions demands an open and transparent investigation by an independent commission."

Gregory Simpkins

Trump Appointee

Senior Advisor

US State Department

"Dr. Yonas Biru knows all too well [the Bank's]  environment of lawlessness and impunity where breathtakingly racist incidents can still occur.”

Sultan Ahmad

Biru's Supervisor for 8 Years

“I find it deeply disheartening to see one of the most hard-working colleagues I had workedwith being robbed of his lifelong hard work and stellar record. It defies logic and violates human decency on every level”

A.G. Kenneth Cuccinelli 


"This is a case of a deliberate and systemic destruction of a human being"

"Biru Has Been Disenfranchised of His Professional Record Because The World Bank Deems His Record Too Good To Be True For A Black Man..."


“In what way are the World Bank’s actions different from what white supremacists espouse?"

Steve Parson

Board Member

National Minority Coalition For Trump

"Dr. Biru’s case has become the first legally sanctioned racial discrimination case in the U.S. in the 21st century."

Aklog Birara

Senior Adviser on Race

"I have reviewed more than 450 allegations of discrimination in a span of five years. The injustice Dr. Biru was subjected to is profoundly beyond the pale."

Senator Chris Van Hollen


"The World Bank withdraw the defamatory record of Dr. Biru from its website and restore his name." 

"Two attorneys familiar with the Bank’s hiring, promotion and retention practices who could not speak publicly, told GAP unequivocally that Dr. Biru’s was the worst case of racial discrimination they had ever seen."

"What will happen if one provides a liberal establishment with trillions of dollars, grant it immunity from legal accountability, and leave it alone for three-quarters of a century to do good in the world? Tragedy.

“Such a level of injustice would not have persisted during President Wolfensohn’s time. Those were the days the World Bank settled racial discrimination quietly  to keep the issue under wraps. But President Kim appears to feel invincible.

Rev. Jesse Jackson


Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

Armstrong Williams

Nationally Syndicated Conservative Columnist

Click HERE for more testimonials from high-level international officials.

Bea Edwards

Government Accountability Project (GAP)

Phyllis Muhammad

Staff Counselor

SherMichael Singleton

Conservative Columnist 


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